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Theo Mostert

Let's fix Seattle

Seattle is in trouble and our current leadership is digging us even deeper in the hole. Theo has the courage to make the hard choices that Seattle needs to make. Together we can make Seattle a safe place to live again.

About Theo

Theo Mostert is a father, experienced healthcare professional and community leader running for City Council. Theo has worked in healthcare for well over a decade, devoting his career to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and families in his community.


 As a medical sonographer on the frontlines, Theo has seen the effects of crime and homelessness firsthand. He knows we need to address these issues with effective and sustainable solutions that will create a better environment for our children and future generations. Theo has also served on the board of the Intermountain Meditation Center, promoting the benefits of mindfulness and self-care.


Theo is committed to improving public safety and believes that improving first responder training and working conditions is an important step towards achieving this goal. 


In addition to his passion for healthcare and public safety, Theo is also committed to promoting equity and social justice. He believes that everyone in our community deserves access to affordable healthcare, safe and affordable housing, and quality education.


If elected to City Council, Theo will bring his experience in healthcare, community leadership, and commitment to public safety to the table, working tirelessly to make our community a healthier, safer, and more just place for all. Vote for Theo Mostert on election day to bring positive change to our city.

The Candidate Who Takes Public Safety Seriously


As father to a young son, Theo is deeply concerned about the state of public safety in Seattle. A vote for Theo is a vote to avoid the chaos Seattle has seen in the past few years in City Council and a vote towards a safer Seattle.

Hands Up


Theo For Seattle

PO Box 20092

Seattle, WA 98102

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